Saturday, October 30, 2010

Intellectual Lunacy

This Arundhati Roy is really making me crazy! Last time I wrote about her arrogant ways to dare the incumbent Government to arrest her saying she supports the cause of the hard core Marxist group when they wrecked havoc on CRPF forces, killing scores of them at will, in full public view, caring little or no concern for life of innocent people along with the Security forces. Now her latest invention is that Kashmir is not an integral part of India! This time the Central Government seems to have woken up from its slumber to announce that it is examining legal and political aspects to consider putting Roy behind the bars. And really, this time the woman also seems to be a bit scared since she tried to give a softer meaning to her statement on Kashmir other than what she actually meant. The Government also seems to be scared of Maoist backlash if Roy is arrested!

Any organization with whatever ideological name it calls itself, is a terrorist outfit, nothing else, so far as they kill innocent people en-masse with impunity. They should be eliminated from among civil society very urgently. There cannot be any backlash so far as the elimination is total, without fear or favour. But I don't think any Government of any type can do or has the guts to do, anywhere in the world, now or in the next one thousand years!

Well, I read with awe the other day on newspapers of an interview with a 77 years old lady who had just won the battle with her elder brother in Supreme Court. This woman is the protagonist of a well famed legal battle - "The Mary Roy Case". Briefly the story goes like this. After her divorce in 1963 in Assam where she was living with her husband, one Ranjit Roy, Mary Roy came to live in an ancestral cottage in Ooty given to her by her mother. But her elder brother, George Isaac took possession of their father's property practically throwing her out of the house with her children in 1965. It was then Mary fought for equal rights for women children in a Christian family property and won the case in Supreme court in 1977 after a 12 year battle. This historic verdict of the Supreme Court virtually forced the Syrian Christian Succession Law to be amended. But Mary had to wait another 38 long years to get the court decree executed to get possession of her share of ancestral property, last week, whereas the whole of her Syrian Christian sisters and daughters, enjoyed the benefits of the Supreme Court judgement right from 1977! Syrian Christian is a major Christian sect in Kerala.

Mary Roy is Arundhati Roy's mother and Prannoy Roy of NDTV is Ranjit Roy's nephew.

Mary Roy relentlessly fought for equal rights at par with their brothers for women in sharing ancestral property and won, whereas her daughter, a writer, who does not seem to have written anything after winning her Booker Prize in 1992, seem to be publicity crazy. Otherwise, what is the necessity for a person of Booker winning calibre in writing to neglect her natural field of strength, - writing - and make irresponsible statements if not stupid, so that the news media, simply because she earned a celebrity status after winning Booker, give a big publicity and brand her a woman activist? In my opinion she is a publicity maniac or a megalomaniac fit to be in a mental asylum if not in jail. Her latest statements on Kashmir are viewed by sane and high calibre journalists and newspaper editors in line with those of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, as hatred and contempt of Indian Union Government.

Kashmir had become an integral part of India by accession by the then ruling king of the state after independence in 1947, just as so many other big and small states ruled by kings prior to the arrival of British in India. Mysore was one such state. Whereas, even Hyderabad and Goa were taken over by force by independent India, are now integral to India, where arises the question of an independent Kashmir when it was not even taken over by force? Arundhati being a good writer should hone her skills to see the truth before uttering nonsensical words; better write fiction my dear! Or, stage a real battle to free women from male chauvinistic laws of a religion or sect just as your illustrious mother did and won, instead of inciting hate between man and man. Even in so called ideological outfits like the marxists or Naxalites, women members are raped by men and threatened of killing if they opened their mouth; how mwny know this fact? Come out of your intellectual lunacy Arundhati!

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