Friday, December 24, 2010

Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

The other day I had been to the Austin Public Library. While scanning through the Philosophy section, this title drew my attention, not only because what it says - 'Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire', but also because of Deepak Chopra, quite some of whose books I have read. That was some three years back. I was gazing at the title for a few long minutes. Is it really possible to fulfill a desire?

This question was making its way through the depths of my mind. Soon it pushed me into a deeply paradoxical situation. If I can really fulfill a desire, - say a promotion in my job or find a suitable woman to marry - does it really stop there? When I get the desire of promotion is fulfilled, my eyes immediately get trained to the next promotion! And if I really get a 'suitable'(There is no such thing as suitable; it is a temporary state of mind driven by prevailing situation or circumstances) woman and marry her, soon the desire of marrying a suitable woman gets replaced by expecting 'good' children. Does desire stop at any stage in life? At this age of 67, I still have desires. It doesn't matter what desires I have, at this age, good or bad, virtuous or dirty, etc., but it does matter to me to understand the impact of desires on my life.

Desire is a basic component of the mind. Desire is rooted in the very process of this mind splitting itself into 'me' and 'my mind(not me?). Hence, so far as this mind prevails, thus far stretches desire.

I am not preaching to stay away or suppress desire. I am not in the belief of "Burn all your desires" culture. I am not preaching celibacy either, another form of suppression. For me desire is a natural instinct of survival. It is the desire that makes me work for food when I am hungry. To get rid of desire is to wish death! Does that mean indulgence? To hoard more than necessary is not desire; it is greed. Indulgence is the result of greed; Over eating, for example. Greed is the root of all violence. It is in understanding my desire, separate from greed, without the influence of any social, cultural or traditional values, virtuous impositions, at a deeper level, at the very origin of my desire, that my life thrives. It is these given values that turn simple living desires into greed. Because at this level, where there is no influences and biases, you will be able to differentiate between desire and greed and the vital part played by fear between these two states of mind.

But is it possible to think without any influence - social, cultural, racial or hereditary values?...without a sense of sinning?...without a sense of pride and virtue? It is! Because all values are given to the mind; there are no internally created values, virtues and sins. In the process of discovering the truth of this statement there is the possibility to rid this mind at least for a moment from all its given values. And in this precise moment lies the meaning of life with all its desires and fulfillment; not in burning your desires.

All said and done, I did not take the book from the library, perhaps being well versed with Deepak Chopra style of teachings the desire to read one more of Deepak Chopra got burnt by itself; perhaps there was spontaneous fulfillment of the desire!

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