Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Is Well That Ends Well - A Scary Experience

The learned say, a near death experience takes a person to something very near to nirvana. But what if it is the other way round? I scared the hell out of everybody the other day!

Sumitha, my second daughter with her two year old little angel had come visiting us from America after a long gap of five years. All of us, - myself, my wife, my eldest daughter, her husband and two daughters, my sister Vimala and her husband, all and sundry have been eagerly awaiting Summi's visit ever since she announced her decision to visit, some two months back. Ammi(Amitha) and Viju had thought of plans for a short holiday in Goa. This time Summi had taken a long(!)5 week, vacation and she had planned to spend one week in the beginning and one week at the end of her stay, with her in-laws at Bangalore. This time, perhaps for the first time ever since they married 9 years back, her husband Hemanth accompanied her. He could get only two weeks leave from his company. So, he returned after leaving Summi and the child Neha, with us in Shimoga. As planned earlier, we all, - me, my wife, her sister Shobha, Summi and Neha, and Ammi and family, went on a 5 day Holiday starting with a night's stay in Murudeshwar sea resort. The holidays started well with this, everybody enjoying the sea shore and the sea food right from a lunch at Kundapur on way. Next three days we spent in Goa.

We all love sea food. And for those who love fish, one should visit Goa if you ever happen to be in South India. Goa is one place where you get a wide variety of fresh fish with equally wide variety of preparations - local, south coastal, original Goan, Oriental, Italian,- just name it, you get it. It is a heaven for fish eaters, though polluted by foreign elements with drug culture.

Well, everybody enjoyed the sea and the food, especially little Neha and her cousins. On the final day, when we were to drive back home trouble started with me. First it was lose motion due to upset stomach, which was promptly treated with appropriate medicines, which Ammi and Viju, a practicing and professing Gynaecologist and General Surgeon, always carried with them. Lose motion came under control at about 12 noon and we started the journey. At Ankola, at around 2.30, we had lunch, me eating only a couple of idlis without sambar to keep my stomach calm. Lo! I soon started shivering with fever. I was wondering, how could that lovely food cause such shivering chill in the mid day sun! Paracetamol, kept me calm for sometime. But soon I started vomiting violently! All hell broke inside my stomach, when there was nothing left to vomit, I still could not control the feeling and felt as if my intestines are dragged out!

It took only a couple of days for me to become normal. Important thing was I had to be back to normal at the earliest because only a weeks time was left for Summi to return to America and this time we, her parents were to accompany her. Then this skin irritation started troubling me. When Cetirizine failed, I immediately approached a dermatologist, who after examining opined that there is nothing serious and the the irritation could be due to some drug allergy as I had consumed quite some antibiotics for the food infection. When the irritation became more severe after two days I once again saw the Skin Specialist, an experienced woman of repute, she recommended blood test for differential count. The test report revealed a little rise in my Oesonophils count than normal as the doctor suspected. Proper medication arrested the skin irritation almost immediately. I sighed a breath of relief as there were only three days left for our flight to America. By now I was very cautious about my food intake. I was really scared.

A day before our scheduled journey, we managed to complete our packing and came to Bangalore. Summi and Neha had come 5 days earlier. Our flight was at 6.55 PM on 29th February. The day I reached Bangalore on 28th early morning, my motion became a little loose again. I got a little scared but I did not show, took precautionary medicines, and I was strictly maintaining my recommended diet. However I had to reveal to my Bhavaji as I had a couple of more loose motions. Bhavaji, took me immediately to their family doctor, who after examining me reassured me of normalcy. He prescribed some other antibiotics. By evening I felt very much relieved. But after we went to bed at around 11 PM, I felt a little chill. Soon it became hellish shivering monster eating me alive. I had stayed at my sister's place and Summi was not told. By 1 am, I scared everybody. All hell broke out inside me when even after swallowing two Paracetamols of 650 Mg. each, the shivering did not stop. I was running high temperature. Slowly the temperature came to normal and so the shivering chill. Then the body itching started and it went on and on becoming more severe. Both me and my wife practically had no sleep. In the morning when everything seemed to be coming under control, my wife called Ammi and related all the night experience to her. That very evening we had to board the flight. Ammi, as an experienced doctor, did not fall prey to emotions and immediately asked me to change the drugs, as the ones prescribed by Bhavaji's family doctor could have caused a sort of allergic condition in me. This change in medicine (Could it be my everlasting faith in my daughter?) played the trick and by the time we were to leave for airport, I was fit as a fiddle, - at least the feeling was so!

The 28 hour journey was surprisingly pleasant without any slightest health problem for me. At Washington when we missed our flight to Austin, our final destination, and had one hour time to board the next flight, I felt to try motion, which till then I did not have and had a comfortable stomach. I had normal motion to my utmost satisfaction.

By the time we reached home in Austin at 2.30 PM, we all were very tired. We knew, back home everybody was waiting for a call from us as soon as we reached. They were all scared about my condition, especially bhavaji was very nervous seeing me shivering like feather in the storm that night at his place. Summi just called Saritha, our other daughter in San Diego asking her to call Ammi and tell about the safe reaching and also to to communicate the news to all concerned. It was a Sunday. Then we ate some luncheon and straight away went to bed for a long and undisturbed sleep. Next morning I was truly hale and healthy. All is well that ends well, isn't it?

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