Thursday, March 17, 2011


Right now I am in America, on a second visit in three years to my daughters living here. How do I pass my time? They all - my friends and relatives,- the the people who know me  - ask this question. Well, how do I pass my  time, huh? Basically I am a loner. I always prefer to be left alone, and I find it, most of the times very comfortable, alone, away, some times far, far away from this superficial world. And yes, at times I also find myself very depressed. But then it doesn't take long before I bounce back into the realities of the present.

Depression...thought process...that is exactly not the purpose of writing now.....  People who care, have advised me a number of times to sit and write; they believe I have the skill, some even come forward to make arrangements to print and publish!! But they may not, but you & I do know, I am not made of that stuff. A moody fellow, with changing moods faster than you may note, that is me. And of course, I simply don't care for the money, or the fame, accolades or whatever rewards publishing may bring.

So why do I write now? see? I forgot, why I wanted to write now, nor what I wanted to write! Has been a long time you know, since I posted my last blog? Ah, yes, time, how I pass my time here in Austin, Texas.

My daughter became a member by subscription to NETFLIX, an on-line DVD rental company. In addition to regular delivery of DVD's by post, they offer free and unlimited access to viewing of movie stream on-line. I have been seeing a lot of movies, some interest me and take me to the and some of course, I stop after seeing a little or a bit more. Critical reviews are also there by members and premier show viewers, for every movie description, which really help. And the company maintains a really amazing collection of movies. Old - some are of the period before I was even born! - new, in a variety of languages including Hindi.  And there are western quickies, my college time favortites! There are movies of every genre in this portal, - right from hard core pornography to top spiritual matter. History to histrionics, war, thrillers, comedy, romance, name them, it is there in their library and I have free access, courtesy my working daughter.

You know now, how I pass my time.

I have so far seen a number of movies on line. There are some really classic movies. And the amazing thing I discover so late in life is that there are quite ordinary people with certain skills in film industry, who may not know they have seen the truth of this life on earth more closely than a Fridrich Nietzsche, a Bertrand Russell, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Deepak Chopra, Jesus Christ or a Lord Krishna. But they show them to you through their characters, their cenematic skills, not by dumb lecture!

I have much difficulties in following American accent. But subtitle option is there for the DVDs received for home viewing, but not for streaming movies on-line. But for on-line streaming movies English sub titles are there for any other language than English. And to some extent I can follow British accent. I also have difficulties quick, fast reading and that gives a serious disadvantage of watching the characters, the action. Yet, I am able to enjoy the content and its presentation through the medium.

And why did I say that ordinary people are closer to life than the religious and spiritual stalwarts? the so called masters, Messiahs, Incarnations and Avtars? Simple! They don't know (that) what they know! Yes, it is that simple. As I go through the dialogues of the characters and at times I still the movies to read the subtitled dialogues clearly, often coming from a whore, a criminal or a psychopath, I dive deeper into the truths uttered through the characters and simply get stunned by the creaters of these dialogues and circumstances. They are not one, but a team led by the director. Do they do it with an Oscar in mind? I see some gems in a two starred second rate or third rate movies! There are also Oscar winning movies with great depiction skills. There trues life stories and events.

Truth is not some body's ancestral property, is that? All that matters is when you acquire the ability to see it...and only then you will know how simple it is!

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