Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Sri Lanka Travel Day 3 Bentota

Third day started at around 8:30 AM on an eight hour long drive to Bentota, a beach city. The first visit was to an Elephant Orphanage and we reached by late noon. Nothing much to explain here, see the pictures. Here too there was a good eatery, a western style buffet. We ate lunch here and left to our next destination at around 3:30 PM.

We reached Bentota River boating in the evening at around 5 PM. It is a very beautiful location surrounded by a bird sanctuary, thick forests and mangroves. Here again hardluck followed us. It was no season for migratory birds, and a few kingfishers we saw are migrated from India! There were posh hotels alround the banks with a lot of water sports facilities. We also saw Buddhist monasteries in the thick of the forests, a perfect location for spiritual learning.

We were again unfortunate as the unseasonal rains started pouring forcing the boatman to raise the hood disallowing entry into mangroves! Anyway, we enjoyed the one hour boating, even though an entry inside the forests on the waters would have made it more enjoyable. After this we straight away proceeded to our lodge for the night, Induwara Beach Resort reaching just before sunset. This resort is the best of all three we stayed during our travel, with spacious rooms having a small balcony facing the sea. Again the dinner was a sumptuous western buffet.

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