Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conflict of values

It has been my habit, since long to look into the "Personal Columns" of periodicals. These columns invariably promise to keep secret of the identity of the sender and as so, people present their their secret sufferings and dilemma seeking solutions. Some of the dilemma are very complicated and serious. Quite a few are presented to the magazine as a last resort before committing suicide. Such is the intensity of seriousness of the problem.

Now I read these columns simply because it gives me an insight into a variety of moral beliefs, a variety of human stupidities and great many ways of victimisation of vulnerable innocents. If I feel some of the solutions given are sane, rational and practicable thereby making them excellent, very few are immature and strewn with personal moral and ethical values of the person offering the solution. But of late, I think, magazines of repute take the services of well qualified and trained counselors each one for the relevant field the question pertains to. I am sure, the way these columns are maintained my the periodicals, lot of people are well benefited these days.

There are many questions regarding socio-economic, family values and quite some nuisance taking centre stage in one's personal life and spoiling it. The ones I am interested most are involving moral values. Moral values are creations of relevant societies, which are not recognised by nature, and hence the conflict. And when one does not understand this fact about morals and society, and lack little wisdom, a small conflict of values boomerangs into great, and oftentimes highly complicated problem requiring third party intervention. Also, marriage and morals get into conflict quite often. If one understands that actually the delicate thread of morals binds marriage, that much happiness is brought into marriage.This is a fact in opposition to the general belief that love and sacrifices by the partners for each other make marriages successful. There need not necessarily be room to cheat on your spouse, which is often resorted to, for avoiding conflict or hurt. An open minded talk regarding ones beliefs and a little better understanding ability than the the levels you usually assume, may avoid third party intervention. I wonder how many people think in these lines before committing oneself into any kind of relationship, not only marriage.

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