Friday, March 5, 2010

A Spiritual Touch

"...That flower lying by the wayside, - the sun, the earth, water and air all have gone into the making of that flower, but the flower is none of them...." - J. Krishnamurti.

During my morning walk, I pass by that large pond full of blooming lotus absorbing the first rays of the rising sun. It is a unique experience to see the dancing rays of the sun. Perhaps the flower is chatting with one of its makers,- the sun!...and each day the experience is brand new, just born!

I still remember the days when I used to drive regularly to my native place, some 210 Kms., in the late 70's and early 80's from my place I made home at that time. There was a stretch of the road through thick coffee plantations with Mayflower (Gulmohar) trees lining all along the road. During the season the road gets fully covered with a bed of flowers of diffrent colours. Once I stopped my car and looked back at the tyre mark on the flower bed. I bent down and looked closely at the flowers that were trampled under my wheel. How sad!..But, the flower has gone back to its maker, the earth.

No Indian can ever forget his first night on the wedding day, the bed covered with lots of colourful rose petals, jasmine and a variety of fragrant flowers. Ah the fragrance is still lingering in my nostrills. The flower has gone back to its maker, the air.

Perhaps rosewater is the first invention of man to preserve the natural scent. Use of rosewater during festive occasions is still in vogue all over the world. The flower has gone back to its maker, the water.

I enjoy each and every split second of that flower going back to its makers. But do I recognise that I too am made of the same sun, the earth, water and air? But yet, I shudder to think the supreme truth that I too have to go back to my makers, one after one!

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