Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Create Future

"Samatatvam yoga ucchate" - a Vedic saying which means, having total attention to whatever you do, in itself is Yoga.

You have seen and enjoyed, perhaps many times, a trapeze artist performing to perfection in any circus show.  Or, a magician doing card tricks so fast that you can hardly follow what he is doing. Perfection does not come easily, it needs rigorous practice, thousands of times over a period of time, sometimes even years together to make a public show of your perfection. Practice is basic and most important part of any form of art, be it music, painting or even your profession. Perhaps that is why doctors are called 'medical practitioners', maybe because the process of perfecting never stops in this profession. Practice makes an art perfect. Practice is yogic in nature. Unperturbed, total concentration of the mind is yoga.

The more I go deep into this phenomenon of practice - yoga -, the more clearly I see the process of creating future. Surprised?

You may not remember the way you learnt to take your first steps independent of support at the age of perhaps, 10 months to 18 months. But your parents and other elders do. You had fallen any number of times during that process of learning to walk on two legs and only then, finally after a number of falls it became perfect.

Have you observed a Hindu priest chanting 'Mantra' during a worship ritual?(pooja) Most of them having learnt it for a living without bothering to perfect their pronunciation of the ' Sanskrit' words, chant them so fast that if at a point their attention gets distracted, they have to start that particular 'shloka' from the beginning, being not able to proceed from that exact point where it got stopped. Practice without meaning was such in their past learning. It is only from a pre-registered point of reference in the mind that you can start and continue.

What all this suggest? In concentration of the mind lies the future. To concentrate and practice to perfection is to create a future. In the mind, in deep thoughts, depending on the past experiences and memories you decide certain things for tomorrow and you follow according to your plans and succeed in materialising your thoughts depending on your creating them to perfection by eliminating the failing strings of the past in your memory. If you walk today in the way and style you do, it is because you have perfected it to that style and way during the learning period, of course, balancing on the string provided by your genes. And that learning was based on acute need for a 'tomorrow'.

I believe a similar process takes place in the mind about your health. If your belief based on your past experiences and ensued judgements over time about the functioning of an organ, had perfected to a point of no change, and today it has to be functioning so; that functioning style of that organ cannot change. Is this not a process of creating future? You are living today in perfect accordance to your created beliefs and values of the past. And you will continue to live the same way tomorrow because today, in your mind, that perfected belief creates your tomorrow.

Only a RADICAL CHANGE in the basic thought process of the mind allows you to see WHAT IS WHAT AS IS WHAT , not the change just to change the pattern of thinking, a modification. It requires enormous energies to remove the whole gamut of thought process, which is possible by stretching the mind to its utmost capacity to UNDO THE DONE. Mind alone can do it; it is capable.

If you have read and understood what you have read so far in this blog, not with the meaning of the words but through the process of your thoughts, which actually is the fixed mould of your living, you are already in that state - SAMATATVAM YOGA UCHCHATE. You do not need any yoga teacher. You do not create future.

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